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I'm working on a DBZ sprite game at the moment. Some of you may think 'Oh nooo not another DBZ game in teh portalz!!!!' and some of you may not, either way it doesn't really matter. I have included a screen shot of the opening movie of my game and i'm making it to be an RPG fighting system game. I don't really have a clue when this will be out or wether I will even have the patience to finish it because I still have quite a bit to learn on AS other than copying and pasting it from a tutorial, which is completely defeating the object of LEARNING. The game will be based on Trunks beating the shit out of the andoids basically. I am aiming to use special effects sprites that looked like they have been photoshopped, but because of the quality of the sprite itself, tracing bitmap on such a high res image really makes it slow to work with, which can be a little frustrating. If anyone has a solution to this could you please PM me with some advice, I would be really greatful. So there you have it, thats what i'm up to at the moment. If any of you have any advice at all that you want to give me please feel free to.

Trunks Movie Game

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